The first ever Hive Canada will be hosted October 19-21, 2018 in Montreal, Quebec. You can register here.

This is the first year we are premiering Hive Global Leaders Program in Canada! We’re excited to bring the best of Hive to Canada this October 2018! This year’s program and speakers will give you clarity, connections and the confidence to bring your purpose forward! 

  • Experience a program designed with influences from Harvard Business School MBA Program, Stanford d.School, Harvard Graduate Leadership Institute, and the works of Google X Co-Founder Tom Chi.
  • Identify your life purpose and how you can create positive impact in this world
  • Get the clarity on the steps you need to bring your purpose to life
  • Identify global opportunities to scale your impact
  • Connect with leaders from around the world, we have attendees from Canada, United States, Uganda, Nigeria, Ireland, Brazil and more!
  • Get access to a network of over 2,000 leaders throughout the world wanting to see you thrive
  • Complete your own "Design Your Life" workbook‍‍
  • Hear from, meet and connect with renowned leaders and speakers (full list below!)


Ryan Allis
on Designing Your Life
Chairman, Hive

Ryan is the Chairman and founder of Hive, a global community of leaders creating a better world. Previously, he led iContact as CEO and co-founder from startup to 300 employees, 70,‍‍‍000 customers, and $50M in annual sales, leading the company to an exit for $169M. Ryan has invested in purpose-driven startups like Off Grid Electric, SpaceX,, and LendingClub Ryan is the author of a book on entrepreneurship called Zero to One Million (McGraw-Hill, 2008). Ryan serves as a Emeritus Member of the United Nations Global Entrepreneur Council and served as the National Co-Chairperson for Tech for Obama during the 2012 election. Ryan studied economics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Frantz Saintellemy
on Transformational Education
Founder, ‍‍‍Groupe 3737

Frantz Saintellemy is the founder of Groupe 3737, an incubator and business accelerator Founder of Q-Links Inc., OMNI Global and SMGT Inc. Co-founder of Réno-Metrix, iWeartech, Defi3737, BisB Mag, V Kosmetik and Capital Plus Each of these companies are generating several millions of dollars in revenue and are recognized as innovators and leaders in their respective segments. Through the 3737, he has been responsible for creating significant business and technology activities in the St- Michel area. The 3737 now has more than 150 people employees working in the building in various sectors such as high tech, fintech, engineering, artificial intelligence and various other connected fields. With 21 years of experience, Frantz Saintellemy is an internationally recognized expert in the field of advanced technologies with several patents, innovations and start- ups. He sits on several boards and advisory committees including the Information, Communications and Technology Committee of the University of Montreal. He is also an advisor to the Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation (MESI) to develop Quebec’s strategy for research and innovation (SQRI).

Debbie Magwood
on How Your ‍‍‍Story Can Lead You To Your Purpose
Founder, West Island Cancer Wellness Centre

Debbie Magwood is presently the Executive Director of the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre, which she founded in June 2008.  She is also a clinical psychologist specializing in trauma.Debbie started her career working in domestic violence , followed by helping street youth and those experiencing addiction. She has a special affinity for working with those who have survived a trauma; one of her proudest accomplishments was having been called as a trauma specialist to New York City to help after 9-11.Debbie’s career took a significant turn, landing her in a palliative care residence as a psychologist. It was here that her passion for helping cancer patients blossomed. After 6 wonderful years in palliative care Debbie resigned to open the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre.In 2017, Debbie was honored with the Shirley Miller Award, for outstanding leadership, the 150 Parliament Pin and the Senate Medal for her work with those experiencing cancer. Although these are all great accomplishments, Debbie is most proud to be the mother of two amazing children, Kasia and Jared.

Dr. Estela Lutero
on Zen and The Art of Living
Economist, PhD, P‍‍‍MP, Ph.D. in Engineering

Estela Lutero has vast experience in managing and leading multi-disciplinary teams. Estela’s global experience covers a broad range of endeavors, including project and program management, business management, and advisory services for the federal government (Immigration Canada, House of Commons, Infrastructure Canada, CIDA, etc.) and commercial clients. She has worked in the agriculture, financial, infrastructure, education, statistics, urban planning, and immigration industries; planning and delivering projects and programs in Canada, Scotland, Nepal, Brazil and China.  Estela loves to share her knowledge. She has been invited to speak in many international events, e.g. RICS International Summit in 2014, Infra2009 in Brazil, “The WTO, FTAA and a Future Common Agenda for Brazil and Canada” at University of Calgary in 2003, just to mention a few.  Estela is graduated in Economics. She holds a Master in Political Economics and a Doctorate in Engineering. She was a visiting professor at UNICAMP (Brazil), a fellow researcher at McGill University (Canada) and at St. Andrew’s University (Scotland). She is currently an Economist working with wireless affordability at the Innovation, Science and Development Canada. She is a certified Yoga teacher, a Laughter Yoga leader, a swimming instructor and a Lifeguard.

Marcus McNeill
on Mark‍‍‍eting in the 21st Century
CEO, Magic

Marcus is the CEO of Magic, a digital marketing agency based in Boulder, Colorado. Marcus has led the marketing strategy for 40+ companies including Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Hive and Kim Eng. With a passion for sustainability, renewable energy, spirituality and wellness he aims to impact millions of lives through digital marketing in those industries.

John Shannon
on Blockchain For Good & Redesigning Systems
Digital Technologies Research Centre, NRC

John Shannon is the acting Director General, Digital Technologies Research Centre at the National Research Council of Canada, where he leads world-class researchers advancing the leading edge of artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity and data analytics. Previously, John spent over four years as an Industrial Technology Advisor (ITA) with NRC’s Industrial Research Assistance Program. Prior to joining the National Research Council, John held a variety of executive leadership roles in both small and large organizations in the private sector. He spent almost a decade as an entrepreneur and angel investor, and his most successful start-up was acquired by PayPal for $1B in 2008. Before that, he spent almost two decades at Bell Northern Research and Nortel, ending as VP, Technology, of the business venture that was spun out to become Bill Me Later, where he held the position of CTO.

Nersa Dorismond
on P‍‍‍roject Management for Global Impact
President, GestionPCO

Nersa Dorismond, author, speaker, trainer, specialized in project management for more than 15 years and entrepreneur for more than 25 years. She combines her two passions to offer the public tools to successly manage their project.Holding a degree in c‍‍‍omputer science from the Université du Québec in Montreal (UQAM) with a specialization in telecommunications, Nersa W. Dorismond worked for more than 15 years as Project Portfolio Controller for major Quebec companies such as Vidéotron ltée. She has also worked in the field of customer service for more then 10 years where she has acquired an exceptional ability to translate technical terms in English and French. Ms. Dorismond is recognized for her strong project management skills and has the ability to develop and implement new solutions to meet the needs of her clients. Nersa Dorismond has also written two books on the project controller, which she also teaches through GestionPCO, a firm specializing in integrating immigrants into the Quebec market. Her hard work and her commitment to a job well done allowed the company Service Logi-tel to win the Visa Entrepreneur Award in the category: "Best Service Company in 2007: company that she is the co-founder. Nersa Dorismond is socially involved in many causes. She is passionate about the social sector. For her, helping her community is a real gift.

Zuby Onwuta
on Using‍‍‍ Technology to Help Those With Disabilities
Founder, Think & Zoom

Zuby Onwuta is a legally blind innovator, disability advocate, speaker and inventor of Think and Zoom: Brain Control for Blind Assistive Tech. Hardships from losing his medical dream, as well as, US Army and engineering careers to visual impairment, inspired him to invent “Think and Zoom”, a solution that reads and responds to human brain waves, to provide vision augmentation and reading assistance.He is also the creator of "Kenti" iOS game, a brain-controlled mobile game ad winner of Apple WWDC scholarship, and author of Overcoming Disability with Creative Ability and Turning personal problems into solutions article. He is now the Founder of Think and Zoom, a startup with a vision of "Creating a world,where visual impairment no longer steals dreams,Or kills careers."and a mission of"Providing affordable and innovative tech solutions to enable the visually impaired succeed"Previous work experience include software engineering roles at Lucent, Goldman Sachs & Co and IBM. Accomplishments include speaking engagements at TEDx, SXSW, United Nations and Disability Advocacy at the US Congress. He is also a recipient of the Volunteer Service Award from President Barack Obama. He holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and business certificates from MIT Sloan and Harvard Business School.

Pino Di Ioia
CEO Beav‍‍‍erTails


Originally beginning as a summer job while Pino pursued his MBA, heprogressed through the management ranks of BeaverTails Canada Inc.He eventually became the chain’s first franchisee and then first areadeveloper before being named CEO. After several years he purchased themajority of the chain with his twin brother Anthony and his wife Tina. Thechain of over 115 stores operates coast to coast as well as in the US,Saudi, UAE, Japan, and Korea. Pino and his wife enjoy testing newindulgent BeaverTail flavours with their daughter and two sons

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