HiveMinds™ Weekly Show For Hive Alumni & Members

Every Wednesday from 12pm to 1pm PT (7pm to 8pm GMT), Hive alumni and members are invited to join us for HiveMinds™, a live video show on personal transformation and creating a better world, with a new guest each week. 

Join us at this Zoom link every Wednesday at noon PT to be part of the live show and ask questions of the weekly featured guest. We have interactive exercises and time to connect Hivers from many different countries. 

Show topics include human potential, self actualization, peak performance, purpose, wellness, leadership, entrepreneurship, systems thinking, human progress, futurism, authentic relating, and the evolution of consciousness. 

This Week's Guest:

This Wednesday October 10 from 12pm to 1pm PT (7pm to 8pm GMT), join us for episode 2 of HiveMinds™, our weekly live online show for Hive alumni and members who are working on creating a better world.

This week, we'll be having an interactive show on "Buckminster Fuller, Climate Change, and Creating a World That Works For Everyone" with featured guest Amanda Ravenhill, Executive Director of The Buckminster Fuller Institute in San Francisco. You'll have the chance to ask her questions and interact with other Hivers from all over Spaceship Earth.

How to Join: Join us on Zoom Wednesday at 12pm PT (7pm GMT)
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Amanda Ravenhill
Executive Director
The Buckminster Fuller Institute (BGI)

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Amanda's Background: 
Amanda Joy Ravenhill is an active member of the international community focused on addressing imminent global challenges. She is the Executive Director of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, dedicated to accelerating the identification, development, and deployment of strategies which radically advance regeneration of Earth’s ecosystems.

She also serves as advisor to the Center for Carbon Removal and is a member of the steering committee for the Nexus Global Regenerative Culture Lab. She’s also been the Co-Founder and Executive Director atProject Drawdown, a lecturer at Presidio Graduate School teaching the Principles of Sustainable Management course; co-founder of The Hero Hatchery, a climate activist fellowship program; Business Partnership Coordinator at the Climate activism organization; and anAmericorp Sustainable Communities and Education Fellow.

Amanda is driven by her experience living and working internationally as well as her enthusiasm to integrate art and science. She lectures and speaks publicly on topics such as biochar, regenerative design, carbon drawdown strategies, mindfulness, and systems thinking.

Join us for this HiveMinds Episode here at this Zoom link at 12pm PT (7pm GMT) on Wednesday.

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